Improve Your Home With A Conservatory

Adding a conservatory is the second most popular major home improvement after loft conversions, and it can add value to your home as well as some much needed extra space.

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Extra Space

Most homeowners will point out that they can never have enough space, and conservatories in Birmingham, Manchester, London or anywhere else can provide that. The extra space can be used as an extension of the sitting room or kitchen, or as a study or playroom. If you routinely have large family gatherings, host dinner parties or have a house full of noisy children, the extra floor space will be a blessing. And the extra room provided is also useful for storage if you don't have a shed or garage; bikes, luggage and sporting equipment that otherwise clutters up the house can have a new home. Adding a conservatory allows you to bring the outdoors in to your home, but at the same time provide protection from the elements. And if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with great views from your garden, the glass walls allow you to fully appreciate the view.

Extra Value

Adding conservatories in Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK can also add value to your home, whether you are planning to sell soon or stay in it for the foreseeable future. The addition of a conservatory generally costs less than a loft conversion or remodeling your kitchen, and can typically add 7 to 17 percent on to the value of your home. The addition of a conservatory is more likely to appeal to a buyer and sell your home, especially in a tough housing market, or if you live somewhere where space is at a premium or your house is similar to others in your neighbourhood. Having as much space as possible is important to most potential home buyers, along with the overall area and the size and appearance of the bathroom and kitchen. And having a conservatory doesn't necessarily mean that your heating bills will be higher; the room can be effectively sealed off when not being used, and the glass walls and ceiling means that the enclosed area can often be warmed by the heat from the sun alone.

The addition of a conservatory often costs less than most homeowners think, and it comes with two big benefits - extra space and a home that is almost certainly worth more.